Saturday, 27 June 2009

In The Company of (rude) Friends?

I have just read JAG's blog and feel I have to post on mine my response to her post that a few of her friends/colleagues had made negative remarks about her 'new shape'.

What is the phenomena of friends, colleagues, associates, people you don't really know that well etc etc thinking it is perfectly ok, once you start to loose weight/change body shape, to make really quite personal comments. I've had:-
"oh, poor your, you've lost your boobs"
"don't you think you've done enough now"
"you're beginning to look like Dot Cotton" (this was an 'ex-husband' comment JEALOUS:-))
"honestly, you look so skinny you look awful" - can you BELIEVE this one.

Now my question is - would they say the equivalent negative comments to someone who had gained weight. e.g. "oh, poor you, your boobs are massive" or "Don't you think you've put on enough weight now".

Just a tip for these people - don't be so RUDE and as my mother would say - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

JAG - you look amazing and most of all I bet you feel amazing and that is what counts - go girl!

Must also share a funny conversation I had with a colleague on Thursday. She was asking me why I was still 'bothering' (she was the one that made the boob comment above). I told her that I may have lost weight but I want to be strong and healthy into my old age and that resistance training is particularly beneficial for women (I happen to know she is just beginning to go through the menapouse). She said to me, "oh, there is no need for me to do that - I have massive muscles". Now, I don't wish to be rude (see above) but maybe she has, you just can't see them as they are covered by a layer of fat - she obviously does a lot of dusting as according to her the housework she has to do is the reason she can't exercise :-)

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  1. Aren't they unbelievable? I don't get how someone could be quite so rude. I would never dream of offering an opinion about a friend's appearance - well, unless they specifically asked and wanted an honest opinion. The thing is I have never asked anyone for that!

    Thanks mate, you're a star and don't let them get you down either - you look awesome!