Friday, 26 June 2009

A Quiet Friday at the Gym

Great gym session tonight. I don't usually go on a Friday but missed out yesterday as i was in Birmingham with youngest daughter looking at the University for next year. The gym was so quiet I did my usual thing and started looking at other machines and trying new things. I decided, as I am not pleased with the progress on my legs, to do some lunges along with my squats and I'm off in a mo to look it up on the webiste.

I have been very tired and thought I was struggling with my squats and then noticed that I had accidentally upped the weights without realising it so I'm pleased with that. I also found that my shoulder press was easier and I could actually complete the whole set of 3 x 10 reps without having to resort to mini reps to get me through.

All in all a good session - I am pleased :-)

Thought I'd upload this pic from yesterday - just because it is a rare one of me I actually like and it is showing my progress to date:

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