Monday, 8 June 2009

Protein Muffins Disaster!

Well I give my self points for trying - and the picture looks good but my protein muffin #1 experiment was a disaster. They are dry (edible but v dry). They are too high in calories and too high in fat so I won't bother posting the recipe here. What I will do, is try again and update with protein muffin #2.

I did make a successful mackerel egg white omlete. I just nibbled the crumbs as it is really for breakfast tomorrow but initial testing is making me look forward to having it, on the train, tomorrow. I'm off to London for a conference so the day will probably be difficult food wise but I'm going armed with my omlete, some nakd gear and some bottled water so I should be able to feel that I've made an effort - especially as I have my gym session with Terry in the evening - can't wait :-)

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