Thursday, 4 June 2009

2 New Books and I'm nearly ready to go (protein samples on the way!)

Today i have received in the post 2 new books from Amazon. 1) The New High Protein Diet Cook Book - and 2) The Body Sculpting Bible for Women - I'll review them once I have had a chance to read through them and heed (hopefully) some of the advice.

I have also placed an order for some samples of protein drinks from 'My Protein' as recommended by JAG (see my blog list). Can't wait to try them. I also got a tip about NAKD products and I have ordered some treats from them to try.

I struggle to eat enough protein as I'm not a big meat fan and now I am consciously trying to increase my protein intake I'm getting in a frustrating 'pickle' about how much I need in grams or calories and percentages - its all such a muddle at the moment. But I WILL LEARN.

My gym coach

Something else I must do is book a new session with my gym coach. He isn't a PT (personal trainer) just someone who does the induction and then checks up on you every so often. I want him to show me some weight lifting stuff in the free weights area of the gym - I've not wandered over there yet - too many huge men making very odd grunting noises!

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