Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Disappointment, Distance and Deprivation

Well after attending a fabulous conference in London yesterday, I was all excited about my session with Terry at David Lloyd. I arrived at the gym at 5.30 and did 2 hours workout - felt great, waiting for Terry and he didn't arrive - apparently the time sheets had been changed and the admin person who switched the diaries over didn't transpose them properly (I was very disappointed). I have rebooked for Saturday at 8am. At least by then I should have my diet sorted. I've been sticking very rigidly to my new protein enhanced diet and I really felt the benefits during my workout yesterday - I just felt energised and stronger. Did a great abs work out and even under my horrible stretch marks (yes I have loads from pregnancy) I can see a huge improvement. Looking for ways to make the workout harder now.

To help me over my disappointment I really did a push to run for 30 mins this morning and I achieve it. I have mapped it this morning on Map My Run and it was a distance of 2.69 miles - I'm chuffed. My run went like this:

5 minute warm up walk
8.5 minute jog
2.5 minute walk
30 minute run
Total : 46 minutes

I'm so pleased with myself. I'm going to run this for my next few sessions until I'm really comfortable with it and then push for longer.

The deprivation I mention is that my HRM monitor has arrived. No time to check it out last night so I have it in my bag at work - I'm itching to open the box but am depriving myself of the pleasure. I have so much work to do as I had a day out yesterday. Better get on..........

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