Monday, 22 June 2009

New Jogging Buddy and shall I buy him a cup?

Ok, so he's not really a buddy but I have a new jogger that I have started 'nodding' to in the morning. Though not a word is said I think we all have a kinship of being the mad morning runners who truly revel in this beautiful time of the day. I might try smiling on Wednesday - if I'm brave enough.

Nature watch

Nature watching so far I have seen, on my early morning runs, a deer, many foxes, 2 kingfishers and this morning a duck. Ok, so ducks are two a penny but this one was walking down a residential street without a drop of water in sight - I wonder if she was lost?

Car safety and a coffee dilemma

Everyday, at the same time, in the same road a blue cinquecento car. I first noticed it because the 2 men in the front are rather large and for those than know the cinquecento is a VERY small car. I digress from my main point. The driver always has a cup of coffee in his hand - a proper one, white china with a handle and I can't help being concerned for his, and his passenger's safety. I am thinking of buying him a proper 'car' coffee mug and flagging him down one morning to give it to him - do you think I should tie a ribbon around it?

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