Monday, 8 June 2009

First Day of Food Trials and NAKD delivery!

Today I weighed myself and I am now 9st 2lb which is 128lbs or as 1 pound = 0.45359237 kilograms, I weigh 58 kilos. This is useful in that I can now work out by daily calorie allowance so that I ensure I eating the correct amount for training. According to WLR I have 24.3% body fat and my bmi is 22

Didn't run this morning as I stayed up late (for me!) to watch The Apprentice Final (Yasmina won - boo hiss) and I just wouldn't have got enough sleep getting up at 5. I'm just treating today as a rest day as I haven't had one in a couple of weeks.

Food trial

Today I am beginning to experiment with different foods to begin my new eating regime starting properly next Monday. I thought I'd play around this week so that by next, I will have it down. This morning I made a Cod and Cottage Cheese omelet. It tasted nice. The ingredients were:

1 large egg
1 large egg white
88g cottage cheese (what was left in the pot)
80g cod
1 tsp olive oil
Teeny bit of salt

After looking at the nutritional make up of it using WLR I have now decided to remove/change some of the ingredients as it is too high in fat so tomorrow it will be:

2 large egg whites
80g cod
Teeny bit of salt

Doesn't sound as appetising but you never know. Not having enough time to consult my 'body sculpting bible' book before work I was not sure what carbs I should be eating with this omelet so I grabbed 100g cherry tomatoes. Now having looked, I was right. Because I did not workout this morning my meal should have been:

1 serving of protein (omelet)
1 serving of complex carbs (tomatoes)


Yummy - I have just had my nakd delivery - nibbling on pineapple infused raisins as we speak - according to my latest readings I should keep these for post workout, but as they have just arrived and today is my rest day, for scientific purposes I'm trying them :-). I am assuming they are a serving of simple carbs

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