Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Leaping into the Lion's Laire

I have never felt less like going to the gym as I did last night. I arrived home from work and found every excuse under the sun NOT to get my gear on and go. I was just suffering from the fear of going where only the brave female has been before - the free weights section of the gym. In the end I gave myself a swift talking to and before I could find one more 'essential' job to do at home I jumped in the car and drove off.

O M Gosh - the gym was packed. Nothing was free in the weights section and there were so many grunts and groans I could practically taste the testosterone. Intimidated is an understatement of how I was feeling. I warmed up for 15 mins on the cross trainer hopefully scanning the room for a lull in activity. I spotted Terry and went over and asked him if it was essential that I do the weights in order and he said no so I went for the easy ones first - basically the weights I could pick up and move to the quiet corner (and you thought they only had those at primary school!). As I moved through the programme the weights section quietened down and my confidence grew. The biggest error was on the seated row. I couldn't remember the correct handle to attach and the whole exercise felt a little uncomfortable. It was only when I spotted someone later on doing it properly that I realised I hadn't set up my mat and foot support correctly and noted for Thursday the correct handle to use!

The hardest exercise to complete from the shoulder press with the 17kg bar. I really struggled and my face pulling was so off putting in the mirror I think I shall wear a terrorists scarf type face cover next Thursday or a balaclava Les Dawson had nothing on me. Does anyone else find that they can't control the muscles of their face when straining - I was horrified :-)

Thursday's gym outfit!

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