Monday, 8 June 2009


Today I'm learning about water. I know we all need to drink more and infact, should make it our main beverage (and no that's not mixed with squash, tea, coffee, hot choc etc). The Body Sculpting Bible says "in order to determine how much water your body needs each day, multiple your lean body weight by 0.66. This indicates how many ounces (remember this is an American book) of water your body needs in a day for optimum function. Here goes.....

I weigh 128 llbs.
My body fat is 24.3%.
So if 128 is 100% then 1.28 is 1%. 24.3 x 1.28 = 31.104
Take away this number from 128= 97.
My lean body weight is 97lbs.
Multiply this by .66 and you get 64.02.
This is the number of ounces of water I should be drinking a day.
Convert that to litres = 1.89 - so in reality, 2 litres a day minimum.

A rather long winded way to find out I'm drinking enough - but I'm glad I know now :-)

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