Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Fred Perry Sweat Patches and White Van Man

Great gym workout last night. All weights and exercises stayed the same but it just felt sooooo good. It might have been the gym bunny music mix I had made for my ipod - nothing like Run DMC 'It's like that' for getting you pumping those bars! Might also have been my delivery from 'My Protein' that arrived yesterday. I had a choc/nut shake before my weights and a vanilla after (before cardio) and I really felt the benefits. Eldest daughter's BF said I'd ordered enough to last for 80 days - he obviously thought I was mad, but you have to have an assortment of flavours don't you?


I also think I might have done my first GRUNT whilst doing a shoulder press - WHAT HORROR. I couldn't actually hear myself because I was listening to 'Buttons' at the time by the Pussy Cat Dolls but I definately felt vibration in my throat. Nobody looked over but probably because they were all grunting louder than me!

When doing my cardio stuff I was behind a woman who had sweated a patch on her shirt that was exactly the same as the Fred Perry logo - no joke. I tried to take a photo on my mobile but was jiggling around to much and it was blurry so I thought I'd post this instead and you can imagine!

5am Run

Nothing much to report on the 'nature watch' of my 5am run this morning though I did observe some common creatures - WHITE VAN MAN - they were everywhere this morning. I think a lot of these guys leave their homes at 5.30am because proportionately there were more of them than cars on the road today.

I have also become a road side 'bouncer'. I always thought joggers who couldn't just stand still whilst waiting to cross the road were rather silly - and now I do it. This morning I had to do it 3 times and all 3 times the cars waved me across - bless them!!!

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