Saturday, 27 June 2009

Saturday Satisfaction and Very Sore Thighs!

I knew before I went that going to the gym Friday night and then again on Saturday morning was a bit silly but I don't like my routine going off track and so I went Saturday anyway. I knew it would be nice and quiet in the free weights section and wanted to try some new exercises (and make a fool of myself in private!). I went on to ExRx.Net and looked up the 'Muscle Directroy' to find muscles to target my thighs - my target muscle group 'of the moment'. I had no idea there were so many versions of the squat and lunge:
Barbell front squat
Full squat
Barbell hack squat
Safety squat
Barbell single let squat
Barbell lunge
Barbell rear lunge
Side lunge
and more........................

So in my enthusiasm I tried a few! A FEW! am I mad. My thighs were so sore afterwards I could barely walk down the stairs - still, I have to admit - don't you just love that burn :-)

I woken this morning (Sunday) and everything seems back to normal so I'm off to the gym again to practice some new moves :-) This afternoon I'm off to buy a lovely dress for 'Speech Day' on Friday - I'm very excited as shopping now is such a pleasurable experience as I'm a standard size and can fit into anything I want to - even if it looks blinking stupid on me :-)

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