Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tonight's Routine


From my list of exercises I put together last week I have slightly jigged them around before I started this week as the beginning of my split routine training. I have put together tonight's schedule for Shoulders/Chest/Abs. Whilst looking for good quality photographs of each exercise I came across a new website called 'FitTracker' and its got great colour photographs, a comprehensive list of exercise for each muscle group and good text explanations to ensure good form.

I'm off to my induction (again) at my new gym and apart from a couple of cardio machines I wouldn't mind demonstrating I would like 'Natasha' to show me the cable weights as I haven't used these before and you will see below I have one included in my routine tonight:

Dumbell Flyes
Barbell Bench Press
Cable Crossover
Push Ups
Incline 2 arm deltoid dumbell raises
Seated twisting dumbbel presses
Standing military press
Lying rear deltoid raises
Leg pull ins
Leg raises
Swiss ball ab crunches (legs on ball)
Swiss ball ab crunches (laying on ball)
Barbell oblique side bends

I put all this info using 'FitTracker' onto a sheet with space to write the weights I use with the photograph and explanation taken from the site. I've made a pdf of this file and was going to post it here but I can't find anywhere that facilitates uploading pdfs :-( I think I will be sore tomorrow - wish me luck!

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