Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Disappointed Me

N N N N N N N nineteen!

I don't mean to be agest but I was so disappointed yesterday evening when I arrived at the gym, excited by the fact I was having an induction at the new gym which included a free fitness assessment to find out that my 'senior member of staff' was a 19 year old girl with less maturity and knowledge that my own daughter!! It was hopeless. She acknowledged that I knew my way around a gym and said 'we can skip that part' but I wanted to be shown a couple of cardio machines that I hadn't tried before and she proceeded to tell me what a waste of time they were and if that was what I wanted I should stay at home and run up and down the stairs - OMG! I also wanted to be shown a couple of chest exercises and she said 'I wouldn't bother, the time of day you come you'll never get a chance on those weights all the men are on them'. I felt very deflated and I also saw that my beloved Smith Machine had red 'danger' tapes across it so I assume that is out of action as well - woe is me :-(

The good part was I had my body fat measured properly and it is 18.8% which I am very pleased about as I have been working very hard on this. The machine they used, I was told, can be used anytime I like, so I think I'm going to check this every couple of weeks.

After my woefully inadequate assessment I was told I had to have another one on Friday to be shown the weights (apparently essential for H&S) but at least it won't take long. I then proceeded to get on with my first ever split body session with the exercises I listed yesterday. Afterwards it felt a bit strange not to have aching legs but my chest/shoulders/abs did feel tired and worked. I need to make a couple of adjustments to my routine as I found some things uncomfortable but all in all a good start.

Black Eyes and Swimming Goggles

I had been swimming yesterday morning and had suffered with black, puffy and wrinkled eyes for several hours afterwards due to my fantastic, but unflattering swim goggles. I thought that I must do something about it because it made me look so old/beaten up (I don't know which is worse :-)) and I felt very self conci0us. I made a mental note to look into some different types. By sheer coincidence. When I arrived at the gym changing room a lady in there was about to go swimming and had the exact style I was thinking of. We got chatting (I love a reason to start up a chat with a stranger) and she said she bought them at the gym and they were wonderful. £16.99 later (I know, a bit pricey) and I now have a lovely pair of goggles that I can't wait to try tomorrow.

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