Thursday, 20 August 2009

A long long break.

Rest, reality and results.

I have not been blogging since my short break to Bruges - everything has been crazy busy since then and with my NUMBER 1 priority being my sessions at the gym - something had to give, and it was blog - I hang my head in shame.

Cycling in Bruges

Bruges was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys exercise, good food and a bit of historic culture. It isn't cheap, thats for sure but what a wonderful four days I had. The best day being (if I had to choose) the day myself and my OH hired trekking bikes for the day (12 euros each - bargain) and spent 12 hours in the saddle. Belgium is completely flat and so cycling is never too taxing though keeps you heart rate in a nice 'fat burning zone' - fabulous. It has totally got me hooked back in to road cycling (not static - I HATE that). Belgium is completely set up for cyclists with cycle routes clearly marked across the whole country and cycle lanes everywhere - the cyclist is king in Belgium, often the motorised traffic have to give way - how cool!!! Since being back I have been searching for the sort of bike I hired over there is was lovely, comfortable and very practical. I noted the name is was a Metro County Trekking bike (I think made by Raleigh) - so far no joy :-(


After arriving home on Sunday evening and trying to quickly catch up on a bit of washing and sewing up my eldest's new work trousers (thanks a bunch honey!!!) it was straight back to work and afterwards straight back to the gym. I had a bit of a stomach ache from eating off programme for 4 days and I found I just couldn't run on the treadmill, instantly got a stitch and had absolutely no stamina - decided instead to do several 10 minute sessions on various cardio machines and take it very easy. I was so disappointed with myself as I was looking forward to my run and it just goes to show that when you have trained your body to eat clean, not doing so is akin to taking poison (ok, so that is a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean).

Tuesday was the day of my new job interview. I was very excited and a tad nervous, though I do like interviews. I hadn't been looking to move but a friend had emailed me the advert and it is my dream job so I went for it even though I knew (and they would have known) I didn't have the qualifications or experience on paper! I wore my new suit, bought for the ocassion which looked lovely and made me feel very confident and powerful (nothing like a good pair of heels for that!).

Wednesday morning 10.10am - yes I noted the time. I received the phone call and I was offered the job - my heart leapt out of my chest. I am so excited, so flattered that they have taken a gamble on me and just thrilled with what will be my dream job - I've just got work to tell yet, but I can hang on a bit as timing isn't great.

AS and A Levels.

To add to my stress (the good kind) and strife (the ok kind) this week it was AS and A level results day yesterday. My youngest was awaiting her ASs and as a School Marketing Manager the results are very important to my job as well as obviously, good results make my job easier when selling the school. My daughter did well as did the school so I was more than happy and the nervous energy that has been running through my veins over the last few days was put to good use at the gym with great cardio and weight sessions.

Phew....... I feel out of breath just writing this all and remembering that it has been quite a week. I am off today to take my eldest to the hospital and I'm sitting here dressed and ready for the gym. A lovely quiet weekend is what is in order to re-group and spend some time smiling to myself and feeling that life is good with lots to look forward to.

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