Monday, 10 August 2009

Holiday Week

6 Mile Walk

Yesterday my OH and I plus my cousin and her OH all went off for a 6 mile walk in the Chilterns. It was absolutely Fab! The map we had downloaded from the internet was hopeless and so we rather went off track but 3 hours and nearly 600 calories later we felt achey but proud of ourselves and we were more than ready to hit 'The Greyhound' in Aldbury where we had a table booked for dinner.

I had a gorgeous tomato and vegetable soup to start and then a feta cheese salad for my main. A glass of red and a creamy cappucino finished of a really nice day and it was all the better for the lovely weather.

You see, who says fitness isn't fun :-)

Leisure Time

How great is it, when you have a few days off work and just chillin at home, that you can get to the gym in the day with the rest of the 'off peakers'. I've been to do my run this morning at the gym and then I will be going back to do my shoulders/chest/abs workout, early evening. I've got to squeeze my workouts into 3 days as I'm off on a romantic break to Bruges in Belgium on Thursday. Really looking forward to it.

Personal Trainer

When I joined my new gym (Bannatynes) part of the welcome pack was a free personal trainer session so I've booked mine today. I will be seeing him at on Wednesday morning and I asked that we concentrate on free weights - lets hope he can improve on my experience with 19 year old Katie!

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