Thursday, 6 August 2009

A good start to the day

Swimming Sensations

2 things to make my day start in a good way.
1) The new googles worked a treat. Completely watertight and comfortable and gives great vision - much, MUCH better than standard goggles - my thanks to that anonymous lady at the gym :-)
2) I decided that I needed a focus for my swimmng. So far I had just been doing 60 lenths (of a 25 metre pool) in an hour and as long as I did, I didn't have any other focus. Now I have changed it to gradually increase my speed and distance. Current program:
Heart rate not to go below 60%
20 lengths - 5 x 4 lengths
26 lengths - 4 x 6 lengths
16 lengths - 2 x 8 lengths
10 lengths - 1 x 10 lengths
72 lengths in total.
I will look to improve on this possibly every 2 weeks - see how I go.
Feel great that I have done this - you see, goal setting is sooo important :-)

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