Saturday, 22 August 2009

First week of Dips Dips

ANOTHER New Regime

Today was my 3rd session of my new weights regime as designed for me by personal trainer Dipesh Patel from Bannatynes. It was legs and arms today so I was really looking forward to it as I always love the feeling I get after pushing my legs really hard - it bit like being tipsy without the hangover and weight gain :-)

Dipesh had shown me, during my 'free' personal trainer session how I could cut down on the exercises I was doing and focus my routine into just an hour. Apparently I had been just repeating the same muscle stimulation with slightly different exercises and it wasn't necessary. My workout totally lived up to my expectation and with the exceptions of the dips which I carried out on a machine, the whole routine could be done at home with a Swiss ball and a set of dumbbells which may come in handy on days I can't get to the gym.

Spent the afternoon eating for England - I had a massive appetite today - and burning it all off while vigorously cleaning my kitchen with the help of my eldest daughter (bless her!). Sounds like a day of hell for some people but I've had a great time :-)


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