Friday, 7 August 2009

Good Day Bad Day

So Mad!!!

I had a great day yesterday. It was my 5th day of eating 5 meals a day instead of 3 and my energy levels are through the roof even though I sleep so badly and it was TOTM. I was excited about my run in the evening and just felt generally great - listening to UB40 full blast on the way to work helped as well :-)

Went shopping and bought my first ever pair of size 8 trousers - felt fantastic.

Then it all went pear shaped. I had my second induction at the gym and was looking forward to it as it was to be focused on weights. Because I have some knowledge I armed myself with some 'cable' exercises that I would like to be shown for form etc. I also wanted to know if the gym had certain machines (I know I could have looked around but I wanted to be shown). Well first of all my 19 year old (I know, I shouldn't go on about her age) had forgotten our appointment and had to be 'fetched'. She then proceeded to tell me AGAIN how not to bother with the cable exercises because all the man dominate the machine. I asked if the gym had the cuff attachments and she said they did but I'd never find them as the men toss them to one side and they get lost.

I was beginning to get cross so I asked about some hip adductor exercises and was told each one I asked about didn't have the available equipment. She got down on the floor and showed me some floor exercises, which, quite frankly, just wouldn't have been challenging enough for me.

She finished our 5 minute session with saying she had watched me in the gym and my form was 'perfect' and there was nothing else to say. WELL, maybe I should have been flattered but its just not true that I don't need any help and if she's been watching me over this last week I certainly haven't noticed. I get the impression she couldn't be bothered with my induction.

To make matters worse, my partner had his 2 hours later with a different member of staff and got a fantastic induction.

I was so cross and frustrated I let it ruin my day. Got up this morning and weighed myself for the first time in a while and I am now 4lbs off goal so certainly, that has gone some weigh to cheer me up. I'm actually going to my old gym this morning to do my legs routine because, to makes matters worse, the Smith Machine at Bannatynes is broken - grrrrrrrrr.

The question is now, do I complain??????

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  1. That sounds so frustrating mate, I would definitely complain. She sounds bad at her job!