Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A busy time

Taking my eye off the blogging ball

Getting ready for my trip to Bruges - very exited but it means that I taking my eye off my blogg a bit as I don't seem to have enough time to think of things entertaining enough to write. I wouldn't wish to bore people with my day to day trivia - oh, ok then I will JUST mention my MBTs.

Have a problem with my toe - long story, on going, very painful. I needed to get some shoes that would love my feet, not punish them so after reading many good things about MBT shoes, I went off to look at them and see whether they were worth the hype and the money. Well, I now believe in love at first sight - or first try on. They are fabulous with a capital F. The comfort - well they are heaven. I tried on the classic sandle (see first pic) but decided that a closed in toe version would get more wear through the winter and at £125 I wanted them to get the wear. Behaved like a 5 year old and told the shop assistant that I wanted to wear them and could I put my trainers in the MBT box.

I then proceeded to go suit shopping in pure foot heaven :-)

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