Friday, 3 July 2009

Hello to the Bench Press and a 'naughty' flat stomach.

Well after struggling with the dumb bell bench press I have finally had some help by the saviour that is 'Trevor'. No, not Terry the Trainer, but Trevor the bodybuilder who works out at the gym A LOT!

Though I was doing the dumb bell bench press, my arms were like wobbly spaghetti and my form was RUBBISH. Trevor kindly pointed that out to me!

Yesterday he was there so I asked him to show me the bench press with a bar and it was fab. I had much better control and Trevor showed me the various hand positions and chest positions to really feel it working the chest. It was great. See here for an illustration.


I did something I feel quite guilty about this morning. Today is 'Speach Day' at my school. For the first time I will be attending not only in a professional sense but as a proud Mum. My youngest daughter is picking up her GCSE certificate from last year's exams. I have a new dress (obviously) and it is very slimming but also quite clingy. Over the last couple of days I've felt a bit bloaty and I so wanted my stomach to be flat as a pancake today I didn't eat dinner last night so there is nothing much in my system to ruin my silhouette! Now I know how wrong this is (though I did have 2 protein shakes) but it is totally a one off. In fact, I'm now thinking, I can't believe I'm feeling guilty about not eating when I used to feel guilty about eating - how things have changed :-)

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