Tuesday, 7 July 2009

German Gym

I've been in Hamburg over the weekend with work. A beautiful, beautiful city to which I intend to return in my own time. Stayed at a fab hotel which boasted a spa, gym and running track. I went to the gym twice and as the equipment was limited (as was my time) I did a mini circuit as follows:
5 minutes treadmill
5 minutes cross trainer
5 minutes bike
5 minutes stepper
5 minutes rowing
x 2
I then did a workout on their weight machines which was similar to what I expect a home gym to look like but it did the job.
I fully intended to use the pool as well but then I discovered the gigantic bath in my room. I had a bath after the gym and it was so deep and gorgeous that the next morning, instead of swimming I had another one! It took an hour and half to run it - FAB!!!
I spent yesterday walking round Hamburg so that got me a bit of exercise though it was more of a saunter than a walk and the hour and a half I spent on an open top bus tour didn't shift many calories - hey ho, we all have to take a break sometime.

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