Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Blackberry and Bannantynes

So I've finally caved in and bought myself a Blackberry - well not bought, upgraded my current phone contract and the Blackberry came free. They also gave me £85 for my old Nokia so I actually came out of Carphone Warehouse better off - hurray! Went to a conference in London yesterday and spent the train journey on WLR on the phone - very small type but easily do-able (until I'm old and loosing my eye sight that is!).

Went to have a look round my local Bannatynes Gym at the weekend and will be switching across to their from September when my current gym membership runs out. It means that during the month of August I will have membership at both gyms because at the moment Bannatynes are doing an offer where if you sign up in July you get August for free. My OH is joining with me as he is taking his first tentative steps towards fitness and hopefully I can encourage him with his cardio as he hates it.

Job Interview

I heard on Saturday that I have an interview for a job that I applied for a couple of weeks ago. I don't stand much chance of getting it as I am punching above my weight a bit but I'm very excited. Will be purchasing a new suit but will wait until just before as this morning my size 10 'Next' work trousers are feeling decidedly loose and I don't want to make any MORE expensive mistakes.


Today, if I have a quiet slot, I'm going to be devising a new weights regime for tonight as after 6 weeks I'm feeling a bit bored with my current one and want a bit more of a challenge. Better get started....................

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