Friday, 24 July 2009

Back at it - hurray

I was back in the gym yesterday evening and it felt sooooooo good. I had gone with the mindset to take it easy and thought I would try some new lifts that I had seen on various website/in books. I had watched a short video clip yesterday 'to get bigger triceps' and I tried those as I liked the 'fluid' look of the exercises. My triceps are so weak and I can really feel them aching this morning - great!

I also gave my new 5k to 8k running programme a trial run in the safety of the gym. I had downloaded the podrunner intervals podcast and was quite excited about it. The pace was so fast! I only have short legs and I just couldn't keep up, even on the walking intervals. I'll give it a try on the streets this weekend and see how I get on. Because I'd been 2 weeks out of the gym after my legs workout with the free weights and then the 'fast' running I could feel they were going a bit wobbly so stopped my cardio after 45 mins instead of putting in the full hour (weakling :-))

Woe is me, my coach, Terry, is leaving the gym - apparently going to some trendy gym in London to work (much more fun I'm sure). I'm now a bit lost. Terry was the 'weights specialist' at my gym and unless they get someone else with his expertise to replace him I'll have to go it alone. I'm hoping to make some time on Saturday/Sunday to trawl through my books and put together something to try out - I do like a challenge and I'm actually looking forward to it but I will miss Terry even though he has recently been spending an awful lot of his time chatting up the younger, prettier girls on the cross trainers :-)

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